Large scale modular house manufacturer
US House Manufacturer The Nail Seal technology performed well on a variety of different wood types.. MDF profile pre trimmed with white vinyl (interior)
MDF angled corner section pre trimmed with oak vinyl (interior).  Hardy board (cement based) painted white (exterior soffits)
Natural oak strip – varnished (interior) Pine strip profiled, painted white (interior)
The plant manager scored the idea at 10 out of 10.They fire 150,000 pins per week; he would want to see all these puttied
Home Construction – Dedicated Trim Crew

Home Construction Demonstrated concept to Deputy & Plant Manager.. The Nail Seal performed well on a variety of different wood types.
Scored Nail Seal 10/10.“Love the idea; that’s why I wanted to see it!”.  “I'm actually all for it, its a must have tool! ”.
Timing might be right – these plants didn't putty before; they are all moving over to it now. 
Must have an 18 ga version to cover all finish jobs. Would like a strip feed of at least 100 shots matched to the nails.  Must have 5 filler colours to match their stock; Maple, oak, dark oak, cherry and white.
Contemporary Cabinets – Fabrication Shop

contemporary Cabinets Demonstrated concept to group, they stated it was a great product!
Scored the concept at 10 out of 10.
Must have an 15, 16 and 18 ga. version to cover all finish jobs.
Colour not an issue as they only put up white moulding. 
Estimate 4,000 nails per house at 5 cents per filler pill, that costs them $200
and they stated that they could charge double to make extra money!

When can I buy 10!